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A small school in Cambodia is showing entrepreneurship can be taught – The Sydney Morning Herald

While some people argue entrepreneurship is an innate skill, Gile says it’s something Liger students can learn.

“I am absolutely convinced it can be taught,” he says. “Some people are naturally better at it than others, but a huge part of the value-add in trying to teach entrepreneurship is the ability to fast-forward the young people along the path they would otherwise take and learn through the school of hard knocks.”

Gile says while he learnt about different concepts at school he didn’t ever get a chance to apply his learning. At Liger students are encouraged to start businesses and to fail at business as well.

“Rewinding 25 years, if I knew then what I know now, the decisions I could have made, the risks I could have taken or avoided, the outcome would have been dramatically different,” he says.

“We can communicate to these young people now the life lessons and entrepreneurship lessons they need to learn. Even better, we are putting them in a real world environment where they learn those lessons safely and they are learning it for themselves.”

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