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Learn Khmer: more khmer words and phrases



But, Only, Tea- tdai

Canbaan or bahn

Travel to Cambodia:
Khmer words and phrases for travelers part 1


Day- tah nigh

Helpjoo-ay or chew-ay

Home- path teeah

Is- kee-ah/jee-ah (k j on top of each other)

It- wee-uh


More- dtee-it


Not- meun/minh

Pleaseun jern or som

Schoolsah lah


Slowlyyud yud


Spellprow gcop

Understand- yu-all




I am sorry, I don’t understand.
Atdo, kynum pomme yuall dtay.

I dont speak English very well.
Kynum pomme sow jeh nee-yay Anglais.

I don’t know very much English.
Kynum pomme sow jeh Anglais.

I still don’t understand.
Kynum no dtay min yuall.

Please say that again.
So um nee-yay met dong dtiet.

Do you understand?
Niet yuall dtay?

Yes, I understand.
Women say:  Cha, kynum yuall
Men say:      Baht, kynum yuall

No, I don’t understand.
Tday, kynum pomme yuall tday.

What do you call this?
Tdah niet how roatwah nee kee-ah way.

I don’t understand this.
Kynum minh yuall dtay.

Can you help me?
Dah niet joo-ay kynum bahn tday?

I understand some of it.
Kynum yuall klah klah.

I understand all of it.
Kynum yuall dtay ahn ah.

I don’t understand all of it.
Kynum minh yuall dtay-ahn ah tay.

I can speak French.
Kynum aht bee-yay pee-ah sah bahrahn.

Do you speak French?
Niet nee-yay bahrahn tday?

I want to learn more English.
Kynum chung ree0uhn Anglais time dtee-it.

Thank you for helping me learn more English.
Awkun, dowee joo-ay Kynum ree-uhn Anglais time dtee-it.

I am studying English at home.
Kynum com pung ree-uhn Anglais no paht tee-ah.

I am studying English at school.
Kynum com pung ree-uhn Anglais no sah lah.

I am studying English with an American friend.
Kynum com pung ree-uhn Anglais ji-mooay mit A-merican minette.

How do you say this word?
Dah niet tah piet nee yang midette?

What does this word mean?
Piet nee mee-un nee yang midette?

What does this sentence mean?
Dah klee-ah nee mee-un nee yang midette?

Does anybody here speak Khmer?
Dah mee-un no nah neet yee yay Khmer dtay?

Is there a Khmer-English dictionary here?
Dtah mee-un wickchunah nute crum Khmer-Anglais tday teen nee?

How do you say it?
Dah niet tah ree-ah yaang nah?

That is very difficult.
Nah ch(j)ea cah peet bah nah.

That is easy.
Wee-ah kjee-ah cah srule tday.

I don’t know how to say it in English
Kynum mahn dahn k’tah midette tay Kynum peeah sah Anglais.

I am learning more English every day.
Kynum ree-uhn Anglais charahn laang rah tah nigh.

Did I say it right?
Tdah kynum tah tahrow tday?

How do you spell your name?
Dah niet prow cgop ch’moo-ah neet yang midette?

It is….
Guh tah….

Did I spell this word right?
Tdah nee-uhp prow cop piet nee trow dtay?

That is not right.
Wee-ah munh dtrow dtay.

I have brought a friend along to help with my English.
Kynum bahn no um mat kynum minette mok kee-ah moo-ay ow-ay joo-ay kynum pee-ah sah Anglais.


Soah sah die.

Good morning.
Ah roeun soah sah die.

Good afternoon.
Sigh yoeun soah sah die.

Good evening.
Deet ree-ah soah sah die.

Chum ree-up lee-ah.

Good night.
Hah ree-uht tri soah sah die.

How are you?
Sok sobei kee uh tay?

I am fine.  Thank you.  And you?
Kynum sok sobei tay.  Awkun.  Tdah neeuht yang midette dai?

I am fine too.
Kynum caw sok sobei dai.

Thank you very much.
Awkun nah.

Thanks a lot.
Awkun aht ny.

Thank you.  That is very nice of you.
Awkun.  Neeit ain jet ar nah.

You are welcome.
Munh I tay.

Don’t mention it.
Gcum nee yay i.

Excuse me.
Aht tdoe owe Kynum.

Pardon me.
Some aht tdoe.

I am sorry.
Kynum some tdoe.

That is very good.
Wee-uh kee-uh gkah la-aw ohn nah.

Som saw sah.

This is Mr.
Nee gkea loak…

This is Mrs.
Nee gkea loak s’ray…

This is Miss…
Nee gkea neeyun gun yah.

I am pleased to meet you.
Kynum mee-ahn si g’day reet reeay ngun joo-up nay it.

Please come in.
Som joal moak.

Please sit down.
Som on goee.

Good luck.
Som naang la-are.

Have a good trip.
Som owe twe dom nah bahn sok sa bei.

Have a good day.
Som owe bahn sa bei k nye nee.

Thank you.  You too.
Awkun.  Nayette caw ahn chjun die.

So long.
Leeah sen howee.

I’ll see you later.
Kynum naang juep nee ette pail crowee dtee-it.

Take care.
Muh tie rhette sah klue-in ain tdoah.

May I help you?
Kynum joo-ay nee it ain bahn dtay.