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Travel In and Out of Cambodia

Travel In and Out of Cambodia

Flying is the most popular, efficient and, with the advent of Asian budget airlines, a pretty affordable means of travel into Cambodia. The two international gateways are the Phnom Penh International Airport and Siem Reap’s Angkor International Airport. Travel by land or by boat is reasonable in Cambodia.

International Flights

There are many international flights to Cambodia from neighboring countries. Airlines flying to and from Cambodia are Bangkok Airways, Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines, Silk Air, Jetstar Asia ,PMT Air, Vietnam Airlines, Lao Airlines, Asiana Airlines, China Eastern, China Southern and Shanghai Airlines from points in China, Dragonair, and Eva Air. Siem Reap International Airways flies to Hong Kong. Local Cambodian airlines shut down at little notice, so an international carrier is best. There is a US$25 tax for international departures and US$6 for domestic flights.

Land Travel

Land travel has taken off and many new border crossings have opened. Buses take you to the entry points, and from there it is best to either use a local bus company, share a taxi or for the adventurous, climb aboard a pick-up truck.

The original land crossing between Cambodia and Thailand at Poipet-AranyaPrathet has earned a seedy reputation because of scams. The most notable is the “scam” bus between Bangkok and Phnom Penh, which promises a cheap ride, but travelers end up paying for overnight accommodation or are pressured into paying up for help with the visa. There is also a train with very basic services from Bangkok to AranyaPrathet,.

It is easier to bring in a motorcycle than a car. A carnet de passage (vehicle passport) is required, along with registration and insurance papers and an international driving licence. Bringing a car in is complicated.

There are a couple of luxury river boat cruises from Vietnam into Cambodia; otherwise, there are regular fast passenger boats between the two.